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Alien: ALIEN - Life-size Replica Statue (Ask)

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In 1979, Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger created what is considered one of the most frightening monsters of all time, for Ridley Scott's masterpiece ALIEN. Since then, the ALIEN Xenomorph has become one of the most popular and Iconic creatures to ever appear on the silver screen. The movie was destined to become one of the most influential science-fiction films of all time, and earned Giger an Oscar for his vision.
In 2009, in conjunction with the film's 30th Anniversary, 20th Century Fox officially licensed a 1:1 Life-size Alien statue, derived from the original molds used to create the original Alien costume. Standing fully 7 feet 8 inches tall on its display stand, this imposing piece is constructed primarily of durable fiberglass and hand painted to the finest detail.
Presented in the classic Giger Alien Pose, the arms are also poseable and can be positioned down by the creature's sides or reaching out to grab its next victim! The head features the fatal inner "tongue", as well as the translucent dome covering the eye-less skull underneath. This impressive display is completed with a themed "floor grid" display stand, with concealed lighting, which allows the Alien to be illuminated from beneath for added dramatic effect! The ultimate Alien collectible and the centerpiece for anyone's Alien collection. 
This edition was limited to just 100 pieces worldwide and quickly sold out!
This particular piece is arguably the most valuable, as it was the very first one to be produced. It has been on display in a private collection until now and this is the first time it is being offered for sale.
Size: 7 feet, 8 inches.
Shipping Information
It ships in a total of 5 boxes with the following dimensions:

Box 1  -  Weight: 86lb  -  Dims: 34" x 27" x 14" 

Box 2  -  Weight: 48lb  -  Dims: 30" x 23" x 29"

Box 3  -  Weight: 77lb  -  Dims: 73" x 25" x 22"

Box 4  -  Weight: 28lb  -  Dims: 44" x 28" x 11" 

Box 5  -  Weight: 32lb  -  Dims: 41" x 23" x 17" 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. 

Shipping within the Los Angeles area:  Lower rate or can be picked up 

International shipping rates:  Please inquire via e-mail (info@section9-ent.com).


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