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AVENGERS: ENDGAME - Iron Man MK 85 Life-size statue - SOLD OUT!

$ 7,497.00

From the biggest blockbuster movie of all time - and the finale to a chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, spanning 22 individual films - comes Tony Stark's latest and final Iron Man Suit, the magnificent Mark LXXXV (MK 85), in form of this high-end, lifesize collectible statue.

Made from fiberglass / resin and standing on a custom base (regular size or large size; for comparison, click on the double-shot (2nd image in listing); the smaller one is essentially the inner core seen within the large one and does not light up, whereas the large one does light up). This Iron Man suit lights up in all the same places, as seen in the movie (chest arc reactor, palm blaster, and eyes).  

In the film, the Iron Man Armor Mark LXXXV was the most advanced and strongest armor Tony Stark ever created, far stronger than the previous Mark L, enabling him to physically assault Thanos. It is a direct evolution of the Mark L (as seen in Avengers: Infinity War), and as such, it functions with the same nanite technology, granting great versatility and efficiency. However, unlike the Mark L, which adopts a more external muscle design, the Mark LXXXV instead re-adopts and combines the mechanical armored concept with the muscle concept. 

We will be receiving 2 of these statues in the coming weeks that are still available as yet (first come, first serve); beyond that, the statue is made to order with a production lead time spanning between 10-14 weeks.


A: 36” x 24" x 20;" Weight 31 lbs

B: 48" x 29" x 19”; Weight 68 lbs  
C: 46" x 46" x 8”; Weight 62 lbs 


Shipping within the Los Angeles area:  Lower rate or can be picked up 

International shipping rates:  Please inquire via e-mail (info@section9-ent.com)

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