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Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice: Life-size statue set (Batman and Superman)

$ 7,997.00

From this year's global blockbuster phenomenon BATMAN v SUPERMAN comes this incredible set of life-size statues of the 2 Superhero titans and future Justice League leaders: The Dark Knight, aka THE BATMAN (as portrayed by Ben Affleck) and the Man of Steel, aka SUPERMAN (as portrayed by Henry Cavill). Utilizing 3D data directly from the film’s production team, combined with additional detailed sculpting, no effort was spared to assure a high level of authenticity and movie accuracy. Both statues come with thematic bases, mirroring the film's destruction set and incorporating the film’s 3D logo. Superman statue attaches above base via a rod, creating the illusion of him hovering in mid air, while looking down on Batman, as they are about to engage in their epic battle.  

Price for the set:  $ 7,997 + shipping

Also available individually (at $ 4,497 each + shipping)

Life-size BATMAN statue


Life-size SUPERMAN statue


Dimensions, Batman (statue with base):
H:  83.5”
W:  33.5”
D:  43.5"
Dimensions, Superman (statue with base):
H:  93"
W:  34"
D:  32”
Shipping Information (Box 1-3 = Batman; Box 4-6 = Superman):
Batman ships in a total of 3 boxes with the following dimensions:

Box 1  -  Weight: 42 lbs  -  Dims: 36" x 29" x 19"

Box 2  -  Weight: 66 lbs  -  Dims: 55" x 25" x 20"

Box 3  -  Weight: 77 lbs  -  Dims: 39" x 28" x 25"

Box 4  -  Weight: tbd lbs  -  Dims: 34" x 30" x 17"

Box 5  -  Weight: tbd lbs  -  Dims: 53" x 25" x 21"

Box 6  -  Weight: tbd lbs  -  Dims: 35" x 32" x 19"

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