BLACK PANTHER - Life-size T'Challa Statue

$ 4,797.00

Item No.: BP-BP-1
From the massive success in Marvel’s ongoing saga of superheroes comes the new King of Wakanda, T'Chala, aka "The Black Panther" as portrayed by Chadwick Boseman. First introduced to great fanfare in "Captain America: Civil War", the hero quickly got his stand-alone film and we are memorializing him with this life-size statue, featuring the beautifully intricate design details in his suit. The statue, made from fiberglass, comes with its own custom base, which also incorporates the film’s logo.
The film, besides its clear Entertainment values, is also a triumph in celebrating diversity in cinema and the over 1.3 Billion dollars garnered at the box office will assure audiences many further encounters with this graceful hero in years to come..... 
Statue Dimensions:
H: 69” 
W: 45”
D:  70“
Shipping Dimensions:
Box 1:  34” x 21” x 13” - 22 lb
Box 2:  53" x 23" x 16" - 46 lb
Box 3:  40” x 36" x 20” - 59 lb
Box 4:  40" x 30" x 20" - 44 lb
Please inquire for international shipping.
Statue is made to order and all sales are final.
Delivery time: 8-12 weeks.

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