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Dinosaurs: VELOCIRAPTOR / DEINONYCHOS 1 (Open Jaw) - Life-size Collectible Statue

$ 4,197.00

The ferocious “Raptor”, a highly intelligent, predatorial, carnivorous dinosaur, as made popular through the successful Jurassic Park/World franchise.
While in the popular films, this predator far exceeds the height of its historic real-life counter-part - which was closer to chicken-size - it is essentially a scaled up version, in paleontology addressed as the Deinonychos.   
2 versions of this magnificent dinosaur are available - this open-jaw “attack-mode” version - as well as a closed-jaw "stalk mode” version (https://www.s9shop.com/collections/lifesize-statues/products/dinosaurs-deinonychus-1-closed-jaw-life-size-collectible-statue).
The raptors come with a custom themed base and are made from fiberglass and detailed glass eyes.
With JURASSIC WORLD 2: FALLEN KINGDOM coming to theaters in Summer 2018, this is the perfect time to stack up on your dinosaur collection, including our life-size T-Rex heads (https://www.s9shop.com/search?x=0&y=0&q=t-rex).
Order number: RA-1
Body length:    122"
Body Height:    69"
Body Width:     34"
Weight:            132 lbs (incl. base)
Shipping Info:
Box1: 44” x 22” x 18” - 48 lbs
Box2: 35” x 14” x 33” - 55 lbs
Box3: 38” x 29” x 16” - 55 lbs


Please allow 7-12 weeks for delivery

Shipping within the Los Angeles area:  Lower rate or can be picked up 

International shipping rates:  Please inquire via e-mail (info@section9-ent.com)


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