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Final Fantasy XVI (16): One -of-a-kind life-size "Ifrit Eikon" statue (inquire about pricing)

$ 0.00

This is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind life-sized "Ifrit Eikon" statue that was featured at the Final Fantasy XVI game launch event and San Diego Comic-Con, where it drew a massive crowd. The statue itself is stunning, with a light-up feature and a fiery-red glow that really brings it to life. Once assembled, the display spans a 20x20 area and the statue stands at 15 feet tall. Disassembled, it is packed in a total of 9 crates. A team of 4 is recommended for assembly.

To view the Ifrit statue on the convention floor at Comic-Con, click here.

And for in-game footage and the history of the Ifrit, you can view this video:

Crate dimensions (in feet):

crate 1:   5x10x 5 tall
crate 2:   4x8x 6 tall
crate 3:   4x8x 6 tall
crate 4:   8x8x 7 tall
crate 5:   5x11x 4 tall
crate 6:   4x8x 6 tall
crate 7:   4x8x 6 tall
crate 8:   5x10x 6 tall
crate 9:   5x10x 6 tall