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Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)'s Hogwarts Acceptance Letter - SOLD OUT!

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An original screen-used "Hogwarts Invitation Envelope" from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001). These were originally sold by the world renowned Hollywood memorabilia firm ScreenUsed.

Each piece is validated with a certificate of authenticity that states the following: 

"This is one of the envelopes that were flying through the air in Harry's house. The envelope has a printed seal on the back in order to keep the prop envelopes light so they would fly around the room. Only a couple of close up letters had the real wax stamp on the back." 

We have a limited number of these in stock, but cannot acquire any more, so once they're gone, they're GONE!

In 2017, a screen used “Hero” version sold in auction for a little over $40,000! 

The primary difference between the hero is rather minute; the envelope listed here, while also a screen-used original, is considered "stunt" as, unlike the "hero" version, it has the seal imprinted, rather than feature a real wax seal. While Harry Potter is also seen interacting with the stunt envelopes - catching several of these envelopes in mid-air - there is no telling if this is one of those or one we see in the background. 

Harry Potter items, when offered for sale, usually command high prices and this envelope represents a great opportunity to own an original piece from the immensely popular franchise at an affordable "entry level" price point.

Click on this video to see the prop invitations featured in the movie.

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