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JOKER - Arthur Fleck / "Joker" Life-size statue (comes with 2 heads)

$ 5,897.00

Item Number: JOK-JOK19-1 
“Is it just me?…….Or is it getting crazier out there??"
From Todd Phillip’s acclaimed and Oscar-nominated film comes this latest incarnation of the JOKER. Played to perfection — and awarded with an OSCAR — by Joaquin Phoenix, this version depicts the character, clown-for-hire Arthur Fleck, descending into madness and into his eventual transformation into the Clown Prince of Crime, before being known as the most formidable foe in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. Here, we witness a mentally troubled stand-up comedian embarking on a downward spiral that leads to the creation of an iconic villain.
Posed either on a flat base or, as an added option, on the stairs of the now legendary scene that has since inspired tourists from all over the world reenacting Joker’s dance in Brooklyn, this limited edition lifesized collectible statue comes with 2 head variants, emphasizing the split personality of Joker: one being the more serious and sinister looking one — the other with the iconic, crazed Joker grin. Also included on the base is a clown mask, as worn by Joker and his many followers in the climactic “clown mob sequence”.
“I used to think that….my life was a tragedy……Now, I realize…..it’s a comedy!"
All that’s left now is to bring Joker to your home and ‘Put on a Happy Face’.

2 bases available:
A. flat metal base (included in price)
B. a section of the iconic staircase (instead of metal base)
Only 1 base will be included per statue - either A. or B.

An unbelievable and amazing hyper-real upgrade, an interchangeable skin-like silicone head with hair is also available (COMING SOON).

Height without Base 70” (178 cm) 
Height statue with Base 87” (220 cm)   
Dims staircase base 38” x 31” (97 x 79 cm)   
Height upper edge of railing 41” (103 cm)   
Height pedestal standing area 16” (40 cm)  


VERSION A (metal base): 
Box A:    Upper body 37” x 22” x 17" - 39 lbs (94 x 56 x 43 cm - 17.5 kg)    
Box B:    Lower body 47” x 22” x 18” -52 lbs (120 x 57 x 46 cm - 23.5 kg) 
Box C:    Metal base 26” x 22” x 5”  - 13 lbs (67 x 55 x 13 cm - 6kg)     

VERSION B (iconic staircase base):

Box A:    Upper body 37” x 22” x 17" - 39 lbs (94 x 56 x 43 cm - 17.5 kg)    
Box B:    Lower body 47” x 22” x 18” -52 lbs (120 x 57 x 46 cm - 23.5 kg) 
Box C:   Partial Stair base (a) 32” x 26” x 19” - 73 lbs (80 x 67 x 47 cm - 33kg)   
Box D:   Partial Stair base (b) 41” x 22” 12” - 44 lbs (105 x 56 x 31 cm - 20 kg) 
Statue is made to order.
Delivery time: 8-12 weeks.


Shipping within the Los Angeles area:  Lower rate or can be picked up.   

International shipping rates:  Please inquire via e-mail (info@section9-ent.com)

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