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KILLBOOK (Regular Edition) - SOLD OUT

$ 59.97

Sold Out


Meet Gabriel - last of a genetically engineered breed of super-soldiers known as the Paladin. After winning an interstellar war, he is celebrated back home and given the title Protector of Amerika. As Gabriel is distracted by his duties, a terrorist organization known as Pandemonium frames the hero. Stripped of his title and prestige, Gabriel is sentenced to the notorious Level-9 facility, where he endures nine years of torture. But as the clock ticks down to Gabriel's eventual demise, he is introduced to Agent O, who offers the Paladin a chance at redemption. Learn his story, and that of his allies and enemies, as he begins to orchestrate his revenge.


 - Killbook is a scrapbook-style character bible and prologue book for the series. 

- Optioned by Paramount Pictures. 

- First Edition, published by Heavy Metal, quickly sold out and became an instantly sought-after collectors item, garnering several times its purchase price in the secondary aftermarket. 

- Published by Dark Horse. 

- Includes 30 pages of all-new material and a new cover.  


Price:  $ 69.79 + shipping


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