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Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter 2013 Comic-Con Edition (OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! )

$ 197.00

The highly coveted and long-sold-out Dark Horse Comic-Con Edition of Dan LuVisi's cult-classic coffee table art book that reads as an excessive scrap book of the story's protagonist, the Paladin soldier named "Gabriel". Often referred to as a monster for its sheer size and weight, this sought-after 270-page collectible already did what its predecessor did as well in 2010: it rapidly multiplied in value (the previous 230-page release rose to more than ten times its original sales price within less than a year). That said, this book was not created with any investment potential in mind, but, instead, to blow readers'  minds. Judging by the gushing reviews (such as this:), it seems fair to say: Mission accomplished!

Few artists hit it out of the park the way Dan LuVisi did; this first book of his -quickly dubbed his magnum opus - immediately spawned a multi-studio bidding war for a film franchise and more, inspired tribute-art, cos-play and even a toy by the super-popular brand, FUNKO POP!. And while the announced Paramount film never happened, a new era of LMS - with new partners - has just been launched - with some amazing announcements around the corner.   

It has been 9 years since the original publishing date of the book and, just like its protagonist Gabriel - after his long wait in Level 9 Prison facility - "LMS" is about to break free and take no prisoners!

To celebrate the dawn of this new era, we just popped open a few boxes of until-now-sealed, brand-new boxes of this long-sold-out Dark Horse Comic-Con Edition, which we recently managed to re-acquire.

Only 75 copies are available of the overall highly limited edition print-run (less than 2,500 copies worldwide) and available for the first time in 6 years!
Prices in the aftermarket have since 2013, once again, skyrocketed (see: Amazon), but while those USED copies now trade between $ 400 and $ 800, here is your limited time (!!!) chance to obtain a BRANDNEW copy (still shrink-wrapped) for a lot less.... Given the collectible nature of these, coupled with the fact that they have officially been off the market for so long, we advise to act fast, as we are certain that it won't take long until these will be gone again....and for good!  
SIZE: 12.5" x 15.5" x 1" 
WEIGHT: 7 lbs

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