Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter 2013 Comic-Con Edition

$ 74.97


The highly coveted and sold-out Dark Horse Comic-Con Edition of Dan LuVisi's cult-classic coffee table art book that reads as an excessive scrap book of the story's protagonist, the Paladin soldier named "Gabriel". Often referred to as a monster for its sheer size and weight, this sought-after 270-page collectible is likely to do what its predecessor did in 2010: quickly multiply in value (the previous 230-page release rose to more than ten times its original sales price within less than a year). That said, this book was not created with any investment potential in mind, but, instead, to blow readers'  minds. Judging by the gushing reviews (such as:, it seems fair to say: Mission accomplished!

For merely an additional $15.00 over the standard sell-through edition (priced at $60.00), you receive a highly limited edition (less than 1,000 copies worldwide).
SIZE: 12.5" x 15.5" x 1" 
WEIGHT: 7 lbs
Price:  $ 74.97 + shipping

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