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The Creature Sculpting Tutorial For Digital Painting By Josh Herman

$ 19.99

Master ZBrush Character Artist Josh Herman (THE AVENGERS, LIFE OF PI, IRON MAN 3) takes you through his process for translating a 2D Photoshop design - in this case, Dan LuVisi’s rendition of VENOM - into a 3D digital sculpture. This nearly 6 hour tutorial by one of Hollywood’s most sought after ZBrush sculptors will help you elevate your CG artistry to a professional level.


  • Posing
  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • Refining Teeth & Neck Shape with Respect to Anatomy
  • Detailing Mouth & Teeth
  • Detailing Tongue
  • Saliva

Approximate Run Time: 05:47:08

Stream Price (Unlimited Views):  $ 19.99

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