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$ 15,000.00


This is a so-called "stunt knife" from the film production of Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT. Used extensively by the brilliant Heath Ledger in his role of a life-time, the Dark Knight's most formidable adversary: the notorious Clown Prince known to Gotham's underwood only as....."THE JOKER"!

It is made of hard rubber and painted to appear as made from metal. The term "stunt" may be a bit misleading in terms of its importance, as it received a higher share than the "hero" metal knife. While that was also used for the film, it was mainly for close-ups and still PR photos without motion, so no other person could accidentally be injured. Whenever the knife needed to be near an actor's face, production would strictly use the rubber version to assure maximum safety. The knife is encased in a specially created custom plexiglass case, augmented with 2 film stills, the Joker character poster art and a descriptive plaque and makes for a great wall-mount display. 

THE DARK KNIGHT is by many regarded as the quintessential comic-to-film adaptation - not by small measure due to Heath Ledger's breathtaking performance that won him a well-deserved Academy Award. Blending the fantastic of the comic book genre with the grounded grittiness of a gangster epic, Chris Nolan created a timeless classic, nothing shy of a master-piece that broke many molds, including the aforementioned Oscar and a box-office that was only surpassed, at the time, by the No.1 film of all time, "Titanic". Owning a piece from this film is a rare feat in itself. Actually owning a key prop of the most legendary interpretation of the Joker is an almost virtual impossibility.

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This screen-used, authentic prop was obtained from a high-level crew member of the production.